MITC: A Vision Comes to Fruition

Several years in the planning, the Michigan Information Technology Center (MITC) was completed in early 2005. The MITC features next generation conferencing multimedia technologies and high speed Internet connectivity.

Home to Internet2, Merit Network, and  the MITC Conference Center

The MITC building is the new home of both Internet2 and Merit Network. Plans are underway to build out a new data center as well. Located in close proximity to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus, the MITC is closely linked to next generation technology strategic needs of the University and the State of Michigan.

MITC: More than a building…

The MITC serves as the state and region’s information technology industry accelerator by providing a central location that facilitates the co-location of leading edge IT organizations with education and industry-supported services.  MITC provides a unique location for new IT companies to get their start and for established IT companies to network into Michigan’s and the region’s IT community.

The MITC Conference Center is a groundbreaking facility designed to showcase the advanced-technology industry and serve as an icon for marketing the state and region as a center for information technology.   Merit Network and Internet2 both use the facility and support activities and programs that are collegiate in nature, focused on a learning and knowledge transfer environment.  The Conference Center is patronized by members of both the university and corporate community.